After major refurbishment, the S-Bahn line and station reopened on 1 March 1992, followed by the U-Bahn on 13 November 1993. In the event, a substantial amount of demolition did take place in Potsdamer Straße, between the platz itself and the Landwehrkanal, and this became the location of the one Germania building that actually went forward to a state of virtual completion: architect Theodor Dierksmeier's Haus des Fremdenverkehrs (House of Tourism), basically a giant state-run travel agency. Kinosaal Nummer 7 fast sogar Platz für über 600 Menschen und ist damit einer der größten Kinosäle im Haus. It was hoped that this would encourage development of all the country lanes into proper roads; in turn it was hoped that these would emulate Parisian boulevards—broad, straight and magnificent, but the main intention was to enable troops to be moved quickly. [11] West German estimates were much higher: in 1966 the West German Ministry for Inter-German Affairs claimed that 383 people died in the uprising, including 116 "functionaries of the SED regime", with an additional 106 executed under martial law or later condemned to death, while 1,838 were injured and 5,100 arrested, 1,200 of these later being sentenced to a total of 6,000 years in penal camps. The whole project was subject to much controversy from the start; not everyone approves of how the district was commercialised and replanned. Undaunted, the architect, Erich Mendelsohn (1887–1953), erected vast advertising boards around the perimeter of the site, and the revenue generated by these enabled him to proceed with the development anyway. The office and shopping complex also houses the five-star Ritz Carlton and Marriott hotels.[21]. More than just a building site, Potsdamer Platz was a statement of intent. The primary materials used for the buildings' facades are brick, terra cotta and sandstone, creating hues of beige, soft brown and ocher. Jobs | This was up and running by 25 November 1950, less than seven weeks after its western counterpart, albeit for a much shorter time period. Fears that the streets would be dead after 6 pm have proven false. Königgrätzer Straße (northern portion), earlier names Brandenburgische Communication and then Schulgartenstraße, running along the former route of the customs wall and leading north to the Brandenburg Gate. In 1939 the S-Bahn followed, its North-South Link between Unter den Linden and Yorckstraße opening in stages during the year, the Potsdamer Platz S-Bahn station itself opening on 15 April. store on the ground floor and military police station above, had been a prime target in the insurrection and been burnt out yet again, along with the Haus Vaterland and other premises. In the background stands the Beisheim Centre. Der Fall Richard Jewell. Meanwhile, many of the Huguenots fleeing religious persecution in France, and their descendants, had also been living around the trading post and cultivating local fields. Einloggen oder Registrieren. Mein Lieblingskino. The Berlin Senate then chose to divide the area into four parts, each to be sold to a commercial investor, who then planned new construction according to Hilmer & Sattler's masterplan. Daimler and Sony caused a major surprise on 2 October 2007 when both announced that they were putting their respective complexes at Potsdamer Platz on the market. Smaller streets within the individual quarters provide for the connection of the underground parking garages. The Potsdamer Platz five-sided 8.5 m high traffic tower was designed by Jean Kramer, a German architect. Platz gehören zu dem britischen Potsdamer Vue. Sommerkino Kulturforum am Potsdamer Platz, Berlin: Hier finden Sie, das aktuelle Kinoprogramm für Kino Sommerkino Kulturforum am Potsdamer Platz Berlin. 40,000 square metres, the lowest (basement) level being a food floor; there are also four major hotels, and Europe's largest casino (the "Spielbank Berlin"). Columbushaus was the result of a plan by the French retail company Les Galeries Lafayette, whose flagship store was the legendary Galeries Lafayette in Paris, to open a counterpart in Berlin, on the Grand Hotel Belle Vue's former site, but financial worries made them pull out. In addition, the East Berlin sign was carefully placed so that, when viewed from further away down Leipziger Straße, its display board obscured the West Berlin sign standing beyond it. Founded on 8 March 1991 in the basement strongrooms of the former Wertheim store's bank, these having survived the decades largely undamaged, the club finally closed on 16 April 2005 (it later reopened on 24 May 2007 in a renovated power plant on Köpenicker Straße). The crossing began operating on 11 November 1989, earlier than the iconic Brandenburg Gate crossing which opened more than a month later. At the south exit of the subway station Potsdamer Platz stands the pedestal for a planned in the GDR Karl Liebknecht monument, which was unveiled on 13 August 1951. Firstly, Berlin's medieval fortifications, recently rebuilt from 1658 to 1674 in the form of a Dutch-style star fort, on an enormous scale and at great expense (and similar to examples still in extant today in the Netherlands like Naarden and Bourtange), became virtually redundant overnight; and secondly, the already crowded city became even more congested. The former district of quiet villas was by now anything but quiet: Potsdamer Platz had taken on an existence all its own whose sheer pace of life rivalled anything within the city. Consisting of a wooden palisade at first, it was later replaced with a brick and stone wall, pierced by 14 gates (later increased to 18), where roads entered the city. Hier findest Du den aktuellen Spielplan für jedes Kino in Berlin. After 1918 most of the tram companies joined. These measures were only partially successful: after further skirmishes in which shots were fired, barbed wire entanglements were stretched across some roads, a foretaste of things to come. Auch Cinemaxx wird betroffen sein. There is also a 1,750-seater theatre, the "Theater am Potsdamer Platz," which doubles up as another cinema (the "Berlinale Palast") for two weeks during the Berlin International Film Festival and serves as the principal venue of the festival. Neben einer beeindruckenden modernen Architektur mit viel Glas bietet das CinemaxX Berlin mit 19 Sälen und einer Kapazität zwischen 48 und Stizplätzen für fast jede Veranstaltung den passenden Rahmen. Lüneburg. The fourth part is the Park Kolonnaden, a range of buildings running down the east side of the Potsdamer Bahnhof site, parallelling Daimler-Benz. Also, a very large government presence, with many German imperial departments, Prussian state authorities and their various sub-departments, came into the area, taking over 26 former palaces and aristocratic mansions in Leipziger Platz, Leipziger Straße and Wilhelmstraße. Das wies jedoch zumindest der scheidende Theaterleiter Danny Viezens-Czichy am Montagabend im rbb zurück. In the run-up to Christmas Wertheim was transformed into a fairytale kingdom, and was well known to children from all over Germany and far beyond. Deutschland Berlin. There are criticisms that the development does not sit easily with or connect with its surroundings, and as a result Berliners have had difficulty accepting it as theirs (despite the fact that the choice of Hilmer & Sattler's masterplan was partly because it was the only one to address the way the development juxtaposed with the Cultural Forum immediately to the west, although the Cultural Forum has itself faced similar criticisms of its own). The sign was switched on for the first time on 10 October 1950, watched by a large crowd. Der Spielplan für die aktuelle Woche im CinemaxX Berlin Potsdamer Platz Berlin. In one scene an old man named Homer, played by actor Curt Bois, searches in vain for Potsdamer Platz, but finds only rubble, weeds and the graffiti-covered Berlin Wall. The tower remained until October 1937, when it was removed to allow for excavations for the new S-Bahn underground line. CinemaxX Potsdamer Platz in Mitte. Facil is perhaps the finest dining experience available around Potsdamer Platz. Half a dozen or more times a day, Potsdamer Platz ground to a halt while a train of 60 to 100 wagons trundled through at walking pace preceded by a railway official ringing a bell. Head chef Michael Kempf is known for stunning dishes that are both refined and understated. Geschlossene Kinos. In this expansion, a new north–south axis emerged: Wilhelmstrasse. Elvis That's the Way It Is. The construction of the Ringbahn around the city's perimeter, linked to all the major stations, allowed the connecting line to be scrapped in 1871, although the Ringbahn itself was not complete and open for all traffic until 15 November 1877. Friedrich Wilhelm Foss betrieb im Berlin-Mitte in Ost-Berlin das Kino Aladin bis zu seiner Enteignung 1951. Workers clearing the square for a new border crossing, November 1989. Not a great lover of Berlin, he later built a new palace, the Sanssouci, at Potsdam in 1744–7, followed by the New Palace in 1763–9, so the road now had to be made fit for a King, plus all his courtiers and staff. The delays in tram traffic increased and the job was very dangerous for the policemen. From the Panoramapunkt one can see such landmarks as the Brandenburg Gate, Reichstag, Federal Chancellery, Bellevue Palace, Cathedral, Television Tower, Gendarmes Market, Holocaust Memorial and Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church. 93 m in length and with a dome rising 35 m above the pavement at the north (Stresemannstraße) end, it contained the world's largest restaurant â€“ the 2,500-seat Café Piccadilly, plus a 1,200-seat theatre and numerous offices. They had to fight off some stiff competition though, including a last-minute entry by British architect Richard Rogers. Schlechtestes Kino Berlins - Cinemaxx. Columbushaus, with its H.O. If possible, verify the text with references provided in the foreign-language article. Kino am Potsdamer Platz mit Parkplätzen. Potsdamer Platz, meanwhile, was more or less left to rot, as one by one the ruined buildings were cleared away, neither side having the will to repair or replace them. Potsdamer Platz No. The other major sticking point, which is reportedly causing concern at government level, is that the majority of people going to Potsdamer Platz are visitors to the city, implying that the original vision of the development as a linking element attracting Berliners themselves, and Berliners from both sides of the former divide, has not really materialised. The Gentlemen. Yet some officers still remained on the ground in case people did not pay any attention to the lights. Unsere Cookies werden für diese Zwecke verwendet: Betrieb und einwandfreie Funktionalität der Website, anonyme Statistikzwecke, Komforteinstellungen und Personalisierung, Werbezwecke mit ausgewählten Partnern. All the new suburbs were absorbed into Berlin around 1709–10. This new Sony Centre, designed by Helmut Jahn, is an eye-catching monolith of glass and steel featuring an enormous tent-like conical roof, its shape reportedly inspired by Mount Fuji in Japan, covering an elliptical central public space up to 102 metres across, and thus differing substantially from Hilmer & Sattler's original plan for the site. With the clearance of most of the remaining bomb-damaged buildings on both sides (on the eastern side, this was done chiefly to give border guards a clear view of would-be escapees and an uninterrupted line of fire), little was left in an area of dozens of hectares. Dein Kommentar. Weil er im Westteil der Stadt sein Grenzkino Camera betrieb und dafür Werbung im Osten machte, drohte ihm im Osten seine Verhaftung. Some scenes of the 1987 Wim Wenders movie Der Himmel über Berlin (English title: Wings of Desire) were filmed on the old, almost entirely void Potsdamer Platz before the Berlin Wall fell. The Matthiaskirche (St. Matthew's Church), built in 1844–6, was an Italian Romanesque-style building in alternating bands of red and yellow brick, and designed by Friedrich August Stüler (1800–65). It reopened on 31 August 1928 as the Haus Vaterland, offering "The World in One House," and could now hold up to 8,000 guests at a time. After numerous other improvements, in 1791-3 this section was made into Prussia's first all-weather road. Despite its undoubted success, this in turn led to what many saw as an "Americanisation" of the area, with even its private security force being kitted out in something resembling New York Police uniforms. Vast hotels and department stores, hundreds of smaller shops, theatres, dance-halls, cafés, restaurants, bars, beer palaces, wine-houses and clubs, all started to appear. Deine E-Mail-Adresse. It then went through an odyssey of re-openings, closures and relaunches under a number of different names including Conditorei Friediger, Café Wiener, Engelhardt Brau and Kaffee Potsdamer Platz (sometimes appearing to have two or more names simultaneously), before its eventual destruction in World War II.